Geography and maps

This page features geographical information and maps from the Upper Lough Erne and from The Broads. There are many similarities between these two districts of shallow lakes but there are also striking difference.

While the Upper Lough Erne is a large shallow lake with many smaller satellite lakes, The Broads are associated with five distinct rivers. Also, one unique feature in the Upper Lough Erne area are the regular winter floods, when satellite lake become connected to the main lake.

Broads MapThe Norfolk and Suffolk Broads (Eastern England) are the largest area of wetland in lowland England and have international conservation importance. As seen on this map (created by Nilfanion, using Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right), it is situated in East Anglia and consist of around 60 shallow lakes associated with five major river surrounded by a network of fens and grazing marshes.

The Upper Lough Erne region is located in county Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. The landscape is dominated by Loughs (lakes), islands and green pastures. Referring to the frequent high water levels connecting the numerous lakes together, it is often said that half of the year Upper Lough Erne is in Fermanagh and the other half, Fermanagh is in Upper Lough Erne. On the map below, permanent water bodies are in dark blue while the extent of water level during the November 2009 flood is in light blue. Wetlands in the region host extremely rich wildlife and is recognised for biodiversity at the international level.


This map was drawn by SERTIT (part of their SAFER a FP7 project of the European Commission as part of the GMES, aka Copernicus, Emergency Response Service) on the basis of Ordnance Surveys of Northern Ireland 1:50 000 map of 2006 with the permission of the Director and Chief Executive, Crown.


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